Code of Ethics

Bulldog Health

Health is the number one factor that determines a genetic bulldog breeding. Because the English bulldog has been so abused by line breeding, I will never knowingly breed English bulldogs with known health issues. All breedings will be approved by the Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association prior to the breeding taking place.


Personality is the second feature of any breeding. Realizing that genetically an English bulldog’s personality is passed in any breeding, (as are the physical features) I will not breed any bulldog with a personality problem and will maintain the best standard of a lovable personality in every bulldog.

Show quality

Show quality is not my main goal in a genetic bulldog breeding. Health and personality improvement are my constant goal. I will never breed an English bulldog with known sub-standard features that do not adhere to the strict features found in the Bulldog Standards. However, due to the strict standards of the G.B.B.A. in breeding “genetic bulldog features” that adhere strictly to the bulldog standards, show quality puppies are often the result.

No Line Breeding of English Bulldogs

I will never line breed an English bulldog to produce bulldog puppies. I will never breed father to daughter, mother to son or grandfather to granddaughter thereby increasing health issues. Any line breeding will result in my immediate termination as a member.

Age Matters

I will not release a bulldog puppy at 8 weeks of age (unless it was the same previous breeding with no health issues) since most health issues are more easily detectable in bulldog puppies between 8 and 12 weeks of age. During that time I will test the heart and lungs of the bulldog puppies as well as the movement of the puppy prior to delivery.

No Cargo Shipping of Puppies

I will not ship a puppy bulldog cargo under 25 pounds unless it is with an environmentally controlled cargo. Cargo shipped puppies face too much stress and exposure to potential diseases. I will deliver via Pet Nanny whereby the English bulldog puppies will ride on the plane with the humans and will be hand delivered to the new owners.

Quick Response to Calls and Concerns

I will respond quickly to any calls or issue that concern an owner. I will back every genetic bulldog puppy with the G.B.B.A. warranty, which includes the exclusive “Bumper to Bumper Warranty” and the G.B.B. A will replace any puppy that dies by accident if accidental coverage is purchased by the new owners at the time of purchase.

Failure is Not An Option

Any failure on my part to adhere to the strict breeding standards, and customer service, in the highest standards of the Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association (G.B.B.A) will result in my immediate termination as a member.