Puppy Warranty

This puppy is warranted and has been vaccinated against all immunities including DHLP, Parvo, and corona. Should any health problems arise from any vaccinated immunities other than the common cold, upset stomach, flu, kennel cough and/or normal trips to the veterinarian for checkups and routine shots, Hollywood Bulldogs will pay for all veterinarian expenses up to the full purchase price of the puppy. It is the responsibility of the buyer to take the puppy to a veterinarian within seven days from the delivery date for an examination at the buyer’s expense. If the vet identifies any serious problem, the buyer is to contact the seller immediately. If the puppy cannot be cured, the puppy must be returned to the seller and a FULL REFUND of the purchase price will be given to the buyer. If the puppy can be cured, the seller will pay the expenses and will extend the warranty for a time after the puppy is declared to be in full health by the veterinarian. Hollywood Bulldogs will pay up to $125 for any cherry eye.

The seller reserves the right to reject what the seller determines to be excessive charges by a veterinarian and to have the service performed by the seller’s veterinarian. In such an instance the buyer and the seller shall split all shipping costs for the service and the seller shall pay all expenses for any services performed by the seller’s veterinarian.

The seller will not replace, make a refund, or pay veterinarian expenses for any puppy which has not received adequate and appropriate care from its new owner. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide immediate veterinary care to the puppy if at any time the puppy shows any signs of illness or distress and failure by the buyer to do so will render any guarantee null and void. Under no circumstances is a puppy to be destroyed prior to notification by the buyer to the seller. Should the buyer cancel for any reason prior to delivery, buyer shall be refunded one half of the deposit. If cancellation is within three days of delivery and delivery reservations have been confirmed, buyer shall pay the delivery and/or flight cost in full.

The seller also extends to the buyers (only at the time of purchase) additional coverage that can be purchased to cover any accidental death should the puppy die as a result of an accident of any kind (hit by car, drowning, snake bite etc,). We are people like you and understand that in life things happen and how much the loss of one bulldog can mean. The only exclusion for a cause of death would be abuse or negligence.

All of our puppies are currently being fed Genetic Life Dog Food. Should you feed any other food and a health problem develops with your dog it could be a result of poor nutrition and will void your warranty. HOLLYWOOD BULLDOGS will cover 80 percent of the purchase price for a replacement puppy for the first year for any accidental death.

  • First Year @ 80% replacement cost of original purchase price FREE
  • Three Years @ 65% replacement cost of original purchase price $385.00
  • Five Years @ 50% replacement cost of original purchase price $500.00